THE BEYONDERS are scientists and explorers who have devoted their lives to work in space. They were deemed to be adventurers who would do anything for a chance to have a hand in making history. Now that time has passed, however, they are finding it draining. Their only purpose they are allowed is for science. Isolated in deep space, they have no memorabilia of earth other than videos of their family, belongings, simulations, and memory. They are kept alive EITHER BY supplements that regenerate them or clones of their bodies to which their consciousness can be downloaded.

ONCE THEY FINALLY MAKE A DISCOVERY, stress levels become high and it becomes clear that some crew members disagree with what should be done and who should be credited. Sam and Jack should be the people who discovered it. Austor wants recognition.

NOW time is ticking. Once they contact homebase, they must return home.

Endgame Edit

A team of scientists coming up on the end of their term make an astonishing discovery: signs of life on a desolate planet called Somnus. Is it new life previously left undiscovered, or the remnants of a lost orbital carrying hundreds of Earth civilians? If it's new life - what should be done with it? What does the Captain decide, and who opposes her decision? How does the crew feel about it?

We will see much of Earth in this story, but none of it actively. It will all be in memories.

WHAT THEY DON'T KNOW, is that they have "died" countless times, their bodies cloned, consciousnesses transferred, and memories altered. They have been at this for years and years. Their families no longer exist. They've lost them. The mistake the organization makes is messing with these people.

Rats in a Maze Edit

Prisoners exiled to the stars are placed on a massive orbital space ship. A select few discover that it is something of a rat maze -- and its conclusion leads them right into the hands of the wardens and captain of the ship. In payment for their services, they are offered either freedom away from earth or a full pardoning that allows them to return to earth. They have all agreed to complete a set of tasks to pay off their debt. Their lives are no longer their own - not until they get back home. Big question - is Earth a place one can return to, or has it been ravaged by time?

Update 9/29/18 Edit

A few crossroads sit before us: a reality in which our beyonders are criminals exiled to the stars; and another in which they are brave and respected explorers entrusted with perhaps the most important mission of the century. The first is a story about a group of (mostly) remorseful people on a mission to get home. The second is a story about the endurance of a people.

As of right now, I am partial to the second story. It offers opportunity to show these recruits' true characters. They, too, were raised on earth - they will still have ample time to grieve the lives they left behind.

Now the question is, how long has it been since their lives on Earth? Has an incredible amount of time passed? Why did Earth go the way it did?

The Last Human Edit

On a faraway planet - a civilization made to thrive after the failing of Earth's resources - a team of scientists, engineers, and explorers is summoned for a very important mission: to rescue the last-remaining humans from Earth. During the length of their mission, a baby is born on Earth - the last to call Earth their home.

There Are Debts Left to Pay Edit

Government-sanctioned retreat for team-building? Simulation?

In the far future, an intergalactic government offers full pardons to return to Earth, to the brave souls who agree to do their dirty work for them. Titan's Run follows one English-speaking crew led by Captain Neve Khangura, a bright leader expected to lead a band of 15 specialists - and strangers - up the ranks. But it will come at a cost - someone is bound to die. After 10 years in service, one final mission stands between the crew of the Titan and a one-way ticket back home. Ten are left; four are dead. There are debts left to pay. Who will make it home?

On Hiatus - 1/1/18 Edit

After several months of feeling conflicted between my hobbies and my work, and the places where they overlap, I've decided to take a hiatus from working on any of my projects. I have burnt myself out not only on this project but on writing in general, to the point it feels like it has become something of an obligation, and I do not feel like I have the resources to continue at this point. This is by no means an end of Starfuneral. I have every intention to come back and continue what I started nearly a decade ago.

Wish me luck in getting my shit together. When I come back, hopefully I'll have a better idea of what I want to accomplish. See you on the other side~ xxx


The following section was written 1/1/18. Edited 7/16/18 based on the Gloria Saga.


Starfuneral is about the death of the world you once knew -- the honoring of it -- and then, the moving on. Edit

Beyonders is the unknown after death. Those who live outside the norm. Those who continue after. Those who achieved. Those who exist beyond perceived reality. Those who leave, for better. Edit

Deepsky is about extending far past the surface. Intense extremities. Emotion intensely felt. Profound awareness. The struggle to understand. Edit

Angry Orbit is about hostility -- stormy, turbulent, and threatening. The trajectory of things. Running in circles. Cyclical time and existence. To move in orbit around things. Spectres, monsters you didn't know you could become. Edit

Past Lives is about belonging to a former time. The history of someone. Lapses of time. Continual change preceding death. The history of someone. Edit

Starfuneral is about the end. An acknowledgement of death, then living with it. Edit

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